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Mons Nubifer Sanctus

The Priest-and-Poet Series: Exploring Religious Language
Thursday February 26 – Sunday March 1
$200 suggested donation, includes program, lodging, and meals.

Youmans_Marly13Taught by award winning author and poet Marly Youmans.

Religious language is not the language of technical manuals and engineer’s reports. Highly symbolic, often obscure and dream-like, and expressing human truths through the twists and turns of narrative rather than linear explanation the language of religion, and more specifically of Christian scripture, is more akin to that of the poet and novelist than that of the researcher – even when it is seemingly giving a straightforward report of historical events!

This workshop is aimed at both writers and readers, and anyone who wishes to explore the intricacies of religious language in Christian scripture. Through reading, discussion, quiet reflection and journaling, award winning poet and novelist Marly Youmans will guide participants through a lush garden of scriptural readings accented by ancient and contemporary poems, writings which avoid sentimentality and grapple with the chaos and struggle of human lives and the complexities of faith, in order to better appreciate how language is used in the Christian context to speak to and to stir our deepest human longings. Not only will participants gain an augmented appreciation for the language of scripture, but will push towards these same linguistic virtues in their own writing and guided writing projects, with plenty of time for group sharing and feedback.

As is the case with all programs at Mons Nubifer Sanctus participants will be required to take part in the contemplative training schedule of the retreat house, which will include periods of silent and sung prayer throughout the day as well as a brief period of work. Individual spiritual direction with Mons Nubifer Sanctus’s founder will also be available upon request. Please see our “Attending a Program” page on our website for details and contact us with any questions or concerns.

This retreat is offered in celebration of the feast day of George Herbert, Priest and Poet, on the 26th.

Photo: R. B. Miller