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Faith and Global Engagement
The University of Hong Kong

A Two-Week Journey Engaging Art, Faith and Humanity 
9-21 SEPTEMBER 2014

“The Still Point” consists of a touring presentation of an artistic collaboration in word, image, and music entitled the QU4RTETS – between artists Makoto Fujimura and Bruce Herman, composer Christopher Theofanidis, and theologian Jeremy Begbie – in response to Eliotʼs Four Quartets. In Hong Kong, this presentation will extend into a two-week festival of art, faith and humanity comprising of talks, exhibitions and performances, directly and indirectly inspired by the themes addressed in the Four Quartets, by creative practitioners in Hong Kong.

“The Still Point” is a series of events to catalyse artists, designers, writers, performers and cultural institutions in Hong Kong to generate a similar response to the above vision, through their works and content that reveal how excellence in artistic vision embedded in a worldview of the Christian faith could engage our generation, and bear fruits among future generations of creative practitioners and their audience, within and outside the church.