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Fujimura Institute presents a “Silence and Beauty” collaboration and conversation with Muneya Kato.

The event will be held at Shusaku Endo Museum in Sotome, Nagasaki (Special events August 5th and 6th) and Sato Museum in Tokyo (August 8th)

Please contact yanaka@makotofujimura.com for detailed information. Windrider Film will be documenting this important collaboration for www.silenceandbeauty.com.

Nagasaki Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:  Aug. 8 – 31, 2017

Venue: Nagasaki City Endo Shusaku Literary Museum

77 Higashi Shizu-cho, Nagasaki-shi

Nagasaki-ken, 851-2327

Tel: 0959-37-6011

FAX: 0959-25-1443


Special Event:  Prayers for the Peace through Art and Music

Aug. 5th (Sat)  14:30-16:00  Max: 70 people

Opening act: Tap dance by Andrew Nemr

Talk event: Makoto Fujimura and Muneya Kato (author/disciple of Endo)

This event will be conducted only in Japanese.  We are sorry that no English translation will be available.


Aug. 6th (Sun) 14:00-15:00 Max: 70 people

“Silence and Beauty Collaboration performance” by Makoto Fujimura, Susie Ibarra and Andrew Nemr

Both events are free, although you must pay the admission fee to enter the museum.

  • Adults: 360yen
  • Students (elementary, jr. high, and high school): 200 yen

In order to participate for these special events, please send following information with a double postal card and send it to the museum:

  • Event name
  • Your name & address
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • How many participants

Tokyo Silence and Beauty Publishing Special Event

“Silence and Beauty Collaboration performance” by Makoto Fujimura, Susie Ibarra and Andrew Nemr

Aug. 8th (Tue) 17:00-18:30 (door open at 16:30)

Venue:  The Sato Museum of Art: 5th floor

31-10 Daikyo-

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-


Admission: Free

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